(Re)building Debian PackagesΒΆ

Starforge can be used to build or rebuild Debian or Ubuntu source packages with very little effort. These are suitable for use on a private APT repository or Ubuntu PPA.

The only example of this Starforge build type currently in the repository is the nginx package, which is modified to include the nginx upload module.

How to build packages:

  1. Create a build recipe. You can use the nginx package as an example.

  2. Run the appropriate build method (build or build.py).

  3. Packages and related artifacts will be output to the package directory. From here, on the (Debian-based) host system, you can sign the packages using:

    % debsign -S <pkg>-<version>_source.changes
  4. Upload to a PPA with:

    % dput ppa:<owner>/<repo> <pkg>-<version>_source.changes